ICERD Services  

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  1. Promoting public awareness in the fields of global communication, cultural integration, and information exchange between nations and societies. 
  2. Designing, managing, and supporting comprehensive global education, health, and social reform and development programs and initiatives.
  3. Coordinating and supporting global partnerships and affiliations.
  4. Designing, assessing, and implementing formal and informal, national, and international,
  5. educational, health and social programs. 
  6. Publishing customized multilingual culture friendly academic and informative material.
  7. Supporting information and communication technology (ICT) integration in global educational, health and social development program. 
  8. Providing global technical support and capacity building to faculty, staff, and professionals in the fields of education, health, and information and communication technology. 
  9. Business management and consulting. 
  10. Providing system-wide standards-based professional development programs.
  11. Designing standards-aligned curriculum resources.
  12. Supporting standards-based Teaching-Learning-Assessment Process.​
  13. Promoting professional learning communities (overlapping communities of practice).